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Bud and Bea Morse

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Bud and Bea Morse have been residence of Niederwald for 15 years, moving
from Austin, to give their three children a better school and a place to
keep their three horses.  The Morse children, John, Charlotte and Richard
all presently live in the Niederwald area with their respective families.

Bud retired after serving in the United State Air Force for 20 years and
recently retired after 15 years of teaching for Round Rock Independent
School District.  Bud has been an active member of the Niederwald Volunteer
Fire Department as a firefighter for the last nine years.  Bud is a member
of the Caldwell County Medial Assist Team and functions as a First Responder
for Lockhart and Hays County EMS in the Niederwald area.

Bea has been working for the United State Government for 15 years.  She has
been an active supporter of the Niederwald Volunteer Fire Department and
helps in many fund raising activities.  Bea is also a member of the Caldwell
County Medical Assist Team and works as a First Responder with Lockhart and
Hays County EMS along with her husband.

Bud and Bea were asked to be joint chairmen of the Emergency Disaster
System for Niederwald by Mayor Rickie Adkins.


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