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City of Niederwald

"Becoming a city, to keep the country"

Founded around 1900 by German colonists, the name is German and translates to "low brushy area" or "low forest". This name was chosen because of the low forest of mesquites in the area. Niederwald is located on the Hays-Caldwell County line in Texas. The dividing line for the two counties is El Camino Real, present day State Highway 21.


The City of Niederwald was proud to present a "Key to the City" and honorary citizenship to Matt and Shelley Hardell of FortWorth, Tx. on February 14, 1999.



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Niederwald City Council

Rickie Adkins, Mayor

Angie Schulze, Mayor Pro-Tem

Shirley Whisenant, Council Member

Glenda Buehring, Council Member

Emma Gaskin, Council Member

Jan Cox, Council Member

Niederwald Planning Commission

J.L. Howze, Chairman

Fred Patilla

Ron Adkins

Bob Sluter



Municipal Court Judge

Honorable Albert Bussey


City Secretary



City Building Inspector

Ron Adkins


Community Park Director

J.L. Howze



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